Comment of Senator Patrick Leahy On House Vote On VAWA Reauthorization Legislation

“Just last month, after an open debate and votes on amendments offered by both Democratic and Republican Senators, the Senate approved strong legislation to meet the needs of all victims of domestic and sexual violence in our Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.  That strong, bipartisan vote sent a clear signal to victims and advocates that politics have no place in our efforts to end these terrible crimes.  

“I will continue to work with the supporters of the Senate bill, including those in the House, to secure a reauthorization of VAWA that meets the needs of all victims, as the bipartisan Senate bill does.

“I am disappointed that the House Republican leadership refused to consider the bipartisan Senate bill and insisted on ramming through an ill-conceived measure that would leave victims unprotected.  I am encouraged by those members of the House, Democrats and Republicans, who stood with the victims and rejected the destructive approach to roll back protections for victims of violence.”

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