Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy On Attending The Inaugural Ceremony

I will be attending this ceremony, as I have attended every previous inaugural ceremony – involving presidents of both parties -- while I have represented Vermonters in the U.S. Senate.  I am taking part as a member of the Senate, which is one of our foundational institutions.  I most certainly will not be taking part as a supporter of candidate Donald Trump, but as a guardian of our constitutional process and of the office of the presidency.

It is no secret that I strongly opposed Donald Trump in this election, for so many reasons that I can’t list them all by now.

Once this controversial new presidency begins, we cannot be AWOL.  We must be present, and we must be prepared to debate, and fight, and advocate for wise choices on behalf of the American people and of the nation that we love.  I expect that we senators will be called upon to counter many harmful policies from this president on several fronts.

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