Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Ranking Member, Senate Judiciary Committee, On Transferring Detainees from the Detention Facility at Guantanamo Bay

“This week, the President reminded the nation that the power of our leadership as a nation ‘depends on the power of our example.’  I agree wholeheartedly.  The indefinite detention of prisoners at Guantanamo contradicts our most basic principles of justice, degrades our international standing, and harms our national security.  Just the existence of this facility serves as a recruitment tool for terrorists, and it costs American taxpayers millions of dollars. 

“While Congress has hindered the ability to close the detention facility, I applaud President Obama for his continued focus on relocating detainees cleared for transfer to foreign countries and I encourage him to continue these efforts.  I urge the President to transfer as soon as possible the nearly three dozen detainees who top national security officials years ago cleared for transfer, and to devote the resources necessary to expedite the review process for the remaining prisoners who have not been charged with crimes.  These steps would mark significant progress toward closing Guantanamo.”


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