Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) On Pope Francis’ Encyclical On Climate Change

The Pope’s message to the world, and to world leaders, has a justified edge of urgency.  He is shining a clear and purposeful beacon on an unfolding crisis that will only worsen the longer that it is ignored or minimized. 

He invokes the responsibility that all of us have for sound and respectful stewardship over this beautiful and delicate planet that has been entrusted to us.  He makes clear that the choices we make have profound moral, practical, and perhaps even existential implications.

The status quo is always the easy path.  Unfortunately, many in Congress – and many leaders in other lands – have preferred to ignore or even deny the clear evidence of these threats to civilization.  

The earlier we take seriously these warnings and this evidence, and act on them, the more success we will have in addressing them, while at the same time growing our economy here at home by developing and deploying clean, smart and renewable energy resources.  

The Pope’s message is strong, it is principled, and it will sharpen our focus on what matters most in this debate.

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