Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee, On the Capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala

“I congratulate our brave troops and the skilled men and women of the Justice Department and the FBI, under the leadership of Attorney General Holder, Director Comey and Secretary Hagel, for the capture of Ahmed Abu Khattala.  I look forward to his prosecution in the U.S. court system.  That is what Americans do when faced with murderers and terrorists – we prove their guilt and hold them accountable for what they have done.  We will try Khattala just as we have successfully tried more than 500 terrorism suspects since 9/11.  We all should be proud of America's courts -- the best in the world, and the envy of the world, where scores of terrorists have successfully been tried and convicted.  Arguing that Khattala should be sent to Guantanamo is the easy way out.  We can and will demonstrate to the rest of the world that we are proud of our criminal justice system, and Americans are not afraid to use it.”

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