Comment Of Sen. Leahy About President Biden’s Appointment Of Gov. Scott To The Council Of Governors

“I was proud to recommend Governor Scott for the Council of Governors to advise the President and his Cabinet about critical security, and disaster response and recovery matters. Throughout this difficult time as we battle the effects of the pandemic, Governor Scott has shown himself time and again as a pragmatic decision-maker and a partner in my efforts in Congress to help Vermont. He has been laser-focused on serving Vermonters in their most challenging times. As I worked to pass laws providing federal support, I always knew I could count on Governor Scott to give me candid feedback about our needs and to use every federal dollar with the best interest of Vermonters in mind. It is that practicality before politics that I look forward to him bringing to the Council and sharing with President Biden as he plots a recovery course centered around building back better for the families and communities of America.”

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