Comment Of Former FBI Director Louis Freeh (rlsd. at Dir. Freeh's req. by Sen. Leahy)

Comment From Former FBI Director Louis Freeh

(Director Freeh and his office asked Senator Leahy to release this on his behalf after Leahy visited him Friday at the hospital) --

"I wish to thank Senator Patrick Leahy, my close friend of 24 years, as well as my dear friends Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Tom Carper, Attorney General Beau Biden, former Senator Joe Lieberman, former Attorney General Mike Mukasey, and so many others, for their outpouring of concern following my automobile accident.

"I want to thank Director Comey and the agents and employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their support and prayers as I recover.  From the very first moments of the accident to the present, their devotion, vigilance and prayers have sustained me and my family.  I have the greatest respect and affection for them and their families.

"I also want to express my deep appreciation to the talented medical professionals who are providing me excellent medical care.  I will forever be grateful to them for their wonderful work which will enable me to recover.

"Finally, I am very grateful to my devoted family and friends for their love and extraordinary support.

"May God bless all of these individuals who are so instrumental in my recovery."

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