Comment Of Appropriations Vice Chair Patrick Leahy On His ‘No’ Vote On Cloture On The GOP Stop-Gap Spending Bill

“I’m relieved there is an end in sight to this Trump Shutdown.  But Republican leaders and President Trump have left too much undone – from a bipartisan budget deal, to disaster relief, to community health centers, to the opioid crisis, to DACA.  There are many pressing and unfinished priorities, and I cannot give my support to yet another short-term, stopgap measure that, yet again, keeps budget priorities on autopilot, without the ability to adjust for changing priorities since these budget levels were frozen a year ago.  We now are 114 days since the beginning of the fiscal year, when these appropriations bills should have been finished.  The American people, our communities, our men and women serving in the military, our veterans, and all Americans need and deserve a long-term deal, and we need one now.”

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