#CIRfloor: Senators Must Come Together To Consider Amendments & Pass Historic Immigration Legislation


Senators Must Come Together to Consider Amendments & Pass This Historic Bill

 “I worked with President Bush in 2006 when he supported comprehensive immigration reform.  I urge Senate Republicans to work with us now.  Senators from both sides of the aisle worked together to develop this legislation.  Then Senators from the Judiciary Committee considered it and adopted more than 130 amendments to improve it.  Senators from both sides of the aisle need to come together now to defeat debilitating amendments and pass this legislation.” Sen. Leahy (D-VT), 6/18/13

Senators Have Now Debated This Historic Legislation For 42 Days


  • Beginning on May 9, the Judiciary Committee held five days of markups over the course of three weeks in consideration of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, encompassing over 35 hours of debate. 
  • The Committee considered a total of 212 amendments, including first-degree and second-degree amendments, and substitute amendments.  More than half of the amendments considered were offered by Republican members of the Committee.  Seventeen of the Committee’s 18 Members authored an amendment that was considered. 
  • The legislation has now been debated on the Senate floor since June 11. 43 Senators have spoken on the floor.  A total number of 246 amendments from 62 Senators have been filed and 11 have been considered. 

This Legislation Has Received Deliberate And Comprehensive Consideration Through Committee And On The Floor

  • “We heard testimony in the Senate Judiciary Committee from dozens of witnesses, supporters, and opponents. Then in May we sat down for a markup, which is where we actually amend the bill. I have been a member of the Judiciary Committee for 15 years and I have never been through a markup like that." Sen. Durbin (D-IL), 6/10/13
  • “I commend Chairman Leahy and Ranking Member Grassley for offering a process which makes this Senate proud. For those who believe the Senate cannot work through regular order and that all sides can agree to amendments being offered and a debate being had, I think they would be heartened to see this process so far.” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), 6/11/13
  • “This is a debate we need to undertake, and we are doing so. We are doing it in a way that the Senate in my previous experience has essentially dealt with legislation. We have brought it to the floor and it has come through the regular process.” Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN), 6/12/13
  • “The chairman of the Judiciary Committee and I had a very good working relationship in committee. We still have a good working relationship with this bill out here on the floor of the Senate. But there are 98 other Senators involved… [N]ow there are other members who want their chance to improve the bill.” Sen. Grassley (R-IA), 6/19/13

The Nation Is Depending On The Senate To Act


  • “I know that no legislation will ever be perfect enough to satisfy every nuance from all political sides.  But hopefully we can agree on one thing: Fixing our immigration system will contribute to the greater good of our country by securing our borders and providing a safe, fair and orderly process in this nation.” Bill Vidal, Former Mayor of Denver, President & CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Denver 4/19/2013


  • “With dignity and faith I surrender my talents, passion, and life.  I ask you to give me, my family, and 11 million of us an opportunity to fully integrate and achieve our American Dream.”  Gaby Pacheco, DREAMer and Immigrant Rights Leader, 4/27/2013


  • It's time to rise above special interests and posturing and act. It's time to enact common sense solutions to our problems.” Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, 5/08/2013
  • “The National Restaurant Association encourages members of the Senate and House, as well as the Administration, to recognize the growing support for reform as restaurateurs and others call for a fix to the nation’s broken immigration system.” Scott DeFife, Executive Vice President, Policy and Government Affairs, National Restaurant Association.  6/14/2013
  • "This legislation is bipartisan; it's common sense.  That is what people really see here, and they like it. They want Washington to make our immigration system work, and they want Washington to work."  Ben Thielemier, Arkansans for Jobs & Immigration Reform , 06/14/2013


  • The time is now. Passing comprehensive immigration reform will make our communities safer and make our country stronger.”  George Gascón, San Francisco District Attorney and the former chief of police in San Francisco and Mesa, Arizona, 6/19/2013


  • “Manufacturers have said consistently that comprehensive immigration reform is the right thing to do—now it’s clear that it’s also the fiscally responsible thing to do.”  National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) President and CEO Jay Timmons, 6/19/2013

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