#CIRfloor: Manager's Amendment Will Allow Consideration Of Non-Controversial Amendments So That Debate May Proceed

From The Senate Judiciary Committee Majority Staff
S. 744: The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act
Manager’s Amendment Will Allow Consideration of Non-Controversial Amendments so that Debate May Proceed

This morning, Chairman Leahy filed a Manager’s Amendment that contains 27 non-controversial amendments filed by Republican and Democratic Senators. He urged Senators to agree to vote on this amendment so that orderly consideration of amendments may proceed. The bill has been pending on the Senate floor since the beginning of last week. In remarks on the Senate floor, Leahy said: 

“So far, we have considered 11 of the more than 250 amendments that have been filed to this bill.  Eleven votes with endless delays in between is not progress. If we continue at this rate, the Senate’s business will be tied up for months by the opponents of this legislation. That is not what the American people expect from us on this important and long-overdue legislation to repair our immigration system.

That is why today I filed a Manager’s Amendment that combines a number of the noncontroversial amendments that have been offered to this legislation. These are sensible, noncontroversial amendments that strengthen the bill and make it better. They deserve to be voted on and adopted so that the Senate can make progress and continue its consideration of the bill.”

Amendments Included in the Manager’s Amendment

  1. Begich #1285: Requires the Social Security Administration to establish special procedures for updating social security records for those living more than 150 miles from a social security office.
  2. Cardin-Kirk #1286: Provides social service agencies with resources to help Holocaust survivors age in place comfortably.
  3. Carper-Hoeven-Pyryor #1408: Requires a strategy to prevent unauthorized immigration transiting through Mexico.
  4. Carper-Coburn #1344: Establishes a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Statistics to report on performance metrics.
  5. Collins #1255 as modified:  Retains existing risk-based allocation of Operation Stonegarden grants.
  6. Coats #1288: Changes the alternatives to detention program to require DHS to contract with for-profit entities and non-profits when arranging service providers.
  7. Feinstein-Kirk #1250: Provides authorization for the use of the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Trust Fund to alleviate the burdens on the Judiciary.
  8. Hagan #1386: Reauthorizes the Bulletproof Vest Partnership Program and establishes a border crime prevention grant program.
  9. Heinrich #1342: Extends the hours of operation at the port of entry in Santa Teresa, NM.
  10. Heller #1234: Requires DHS to submit a report to Congress on how the 10 airport biometric exit pilots impact wait times and Customs and Border Protection staffing needs.
  11. Kirk-Coons #1239: Allows certain naturalization requirements to be waived for U.S. Air Force active-duty members who receive military awards.
  12. Klobuchar-Coats #1261: An adoption-related amendment that requires certificates of citizenship and other Federal documents to reflect name and date of birth determinations made by a State court.
  13. Landrieu #1338: Requires DHS to consult the Administrator of the Small Business Administration during its analysis of impact of E-Verify on businesses. Requires DHS to create a smart-phone app, which will make it easier for small businesses to use E-Verify.
  14. Landrieu #1382: Authorizes public-private partnerships to expand land ports of entry.
  15. Landrieu-Cochran #1383: Requires reports on EB-5 visa program.
  16. Landrieu #1341: Requires DHS to attempt to reduce detention daily bed rate through a competitive bid process and still maintain current health and management practices.
  17. Leahy-Hatch #1183: Encourages international participation in the performing arts.
  18. Leahy #1454: Technical Amendment
  19. Leahy #1455: EB-5 visa program clarifications
  20. Murray-Crapo #1368: Prohibits the shackling of pregnant women, absent extraordinary circumstances, in all DHS detention facilities.
  21. Nelson #1253: Provides additional resources for maritime security.
  22. Reed #1223: Increases role of public libraries in the integration of new immigrants.
  23. Schatz-Kirk #1416: Requires U.S. Government Accountability report on visa processing at U.S. embassies and consulates.
  24. Shaheen #1272: Expands the INVEST visa program. 
  25. Stabenow-Collins #1405: Requires a number of administrative changes and studies aimed at administering the refugee resettlement program more efficiently and effectively.
  26. Tom Udall #1241: Expands the Border Enforcement Security Task Force in the Southwest border region.
  27. Tom Udall #1242: Makes $5 million available for strengthening the Border Infectious Disease Surveillance Project.

Deliberate and Comprehensive Consideration Through Committee and On The Floor

  • The legislation has now been pending on the Senate floor since June 11. More than 40 Senators have spoken on the floor. Over 250 amendments from 62 Senators have been filed.   
  • S.744 was introduced on April 17, 2013.  Beginning on May 9, the Judiciary Committee held five days of markups to consider the bill over the course of three weeks, encompassing over 35 hours of debate. 
  • The Judiciary Committee considered a total of 212 amendments, including first-degree, second-degree, and substitute amendments.  More than half of the amendments considered were offered by Republican members of the Committee.  The Committee adopted over 135 amendments to improve the legislation, all but three with bipartisan support.

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