[BREAKING] Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The Senate's Vote To Proceed To Consideration Of Trumpcare Legislation

[Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) voted no on the motion to proceed to consideration of Trumpcare legislation.]

This was a lockstep vote for Trumpcare, produced through a secretive and shoddy process.  These decisions mean health or illness and life or death to countless Americans.  And let’s be clear:  Republican senators have no idea what they voted for with this motion to proceed.  Millions upon millions of Americans’ health is at stake.  This cynical vote is intended to lead to a final Trumpcare plan to kick millions of Americans off their insurance.  Trumpcare is a tax plan, disguised as a health plan, to slash hundreds of billions from the Medicaid help that is vital to millions of Americans.  We can improve healthcare, but not like this.  I’ve worked with Senator Shaheen and others to immediately stabilize insurance markets by making the cost sharing reduction payments permanent, and my bipartisan CREATES Act would lower prescription drug prices.  We also need to let Medicare negotiate lower drug costs.  In short, we need bipartisanship and regular order, not rash and disastrous legislation like this.

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