At-A-Glance Summary Of Forest Legacy, Forest Stewardship And Urban And Community Forestry Program Activities In Vermont

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At-A-Glance Summary
Of Forest Legacy, Forest Stewardship
And Urban And Community Forestry
Program Activities In Vermont

This year marks the 25th anniversary of key community forest conservation programs, enacted in the 1990 Farm Bill through the efforts of then-Chairman Patrick Leahy of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry.

Over the past 25 years the State and Private Forest Cooperative Forestry Programs have helped Vermont accomplish a wide range of forestry conservation milestones involving community and urban forests in the Green Mountain State.

Forest Legacy Program --

  • More than 80,000 acres permanently conserved
  • Vermont has received more than $22.9 million in federal Forest Legacy funds
  • Vermont has also received approximately $9 million in nonfederal matching funds for Legacy projects
  • Using conservation easements and fee acquisition, the federal government may fund up to 75 percent of program costs, with at least 25 percent coming from private, state or local sources

Urban and Community Forests Program --

  • Has provided more than $2 million in grants in Vermont communities to grow strengthen local programs and enhance Vermont’s urban and community forests
  • Has helped train more than 500 Vermonters to be local urban and community forestry leaders, and citizen-scientists who advise and advocate for the planting, protection and maintenance of their trees and forests.  Each year these leaders volunteer more than 10,000 hours of service 
  • Delivers one-on-one technical assistance to local communities.  In 2014 Vermont was able to provide assistance to 93 communities through the Urban and Community Forests Program
  • Through the technical, financial and educational program services provided by the Urban and Community Forestry Program, today 64 percent of Vermonters live in communities that have or are developing sustainable management programs for their trees and forests

Forest Stewardship Program --

  • Helps Vermonters understand and value the importance of land stewardship.  A $4 million federal investment has leveraged more than $12 million of state funding, supporting the vital work of Vermont's 12 county foresters
  • Vermont leads the Northeast in the number of forest stewardship plans, coupled with Vermont's tax stabilization Current Use Program, with more than 12,000 plans covering 1.7 million acres
  • Provides assistance to some 1200 Vermont forest landowners and supports innovative landowner engagement programs such as Foresters for the Birds, Bird Friendly Silviculture, and Backyard Forest Stewardship

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