NEW: Leahy Compiles Comprehensive, Point-By-Point Summary Of The Many Times That Judge Kavanaugh Misled The Senate Under Oath; (includes documents and descriptions)

Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) has compiled and released a comprehensive, point-by-point summary of several times Judge Kavanaugh has misled the Senate under oath. 

He first published this list – one of the most thorough available – on Wednesday night.  In topical threads, each with several entries and revealing documents, he shows how Judge Kavanaugh was not truthful in his sworn testimony about his involvement in the Manny Miranda “Memogate” cyber-theft scandal (here), his work on the controversial Pryor (here) and Pickering (here) nominations, his knowledge of a controversial warrantless wiretapping program (here), and his work on Bush administration detention and interrogation policies (here). 

Leahy led in questioning Kavanaugh under oath on several of these and other subjects during these confirmation hearings, and also during Kavanaugh’s sworn testimony in his previous confirmation hearings.

Leahy concluded:  “It’s not just about ‘Bart O’Kavanaugh,’ or minimizing his contemporaneous drinking or misogyny in his yearbook.  On issues big and small, anytime Judge Kavanaugh is faced with an incriminating or difficult question under oath, he cannot be trusted to tell the truth.” 

Each thread includes incriminating documents from the documents that Republicans have allowed to be released in this rushed and incomplete confirmation process.  More than 90 percent of Judge Kavanaugh’s White House record remains hidden from the Senate and the American people, which if public would likely reveal much more evidence relevant to issues.  Links to every thread are BELOW:

Introduction:  https://twitter.com/SenatorLeahy/status/1047610460734967808

Manny Miranda thread:  https://twitter.com/SenatorLeahy/status/1047610549100580869

Pryor thread:  https://twitter.com/SenatorLeahy/status/1047610909995225089

Pickering thread:  https://twitter.com/SenatorLeahy/status/1047611074688823298

Warrantless wiretapping thread:  https://twitter.com/SenatorLeahy/status/1047611258533568512

Detention and interrogation policies thread:  https://twitter.com/SenatorLeahy/status/1047611420555325441

Conclusions thread:  https://twitter.com/SenatorLeahy/status/1047611572342988800

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