REAX of Appropriations Vice Chair Patrick Leahy To Guatemalan Govt’s Request That UN SecGen Propose A Replacement For The CICIG Commissioner

“The Constitutional Court of Guatemala has rightly rejected attempts by President Morales to summarily expel the CICIG Commissioner.  For a public official to remove an international prosecutor who, jointly with the Attorney General, has initiated a criminal investigation against that official, threatens the judicial process.  Absent a showing of misconduct, such interference would undermine the office of the Commissioner and deter future prosecutors from carrying out their responsibilities independently. 

”If the Guatemalan Government has credible proposals for improving CICIG, those proposals should be seriously considered.  But if its real goal is to remove the Commissioner without just cause and to limit CICIG’s mandate, that should be rejected.  This is no time to weaken a key institution against corruption and impunity in Guatemala.”

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