REAX Of Senator Leahy To The Trump Administration's Announcement Of The Lowest Number Of Refugees To Be Admitted In U.S. History

“In so many ways, this White House has shown a particular contempt for the world’s most vulnerable people seeking refuge from persecution and war.  What previous Republican and Democratic administrations believed was a moral responsibility – and a way to demonstrate that unmatched American power is derived in part from how we treat the powerless among us – the Trump administration shamelessly treats as a burden to be callously discarded. 

“As disheartening as this abdication of leadership is, spearheaded by the architects of the morally abhorrent family separation policy, this too will pass.  Our values and traditions are too deeply embedded in our national conscience to be abandoned so casually.  They will outlast this president. 

“It is now up to Congress, and the American people, to reaffirm what this Nation stands for. Which is that America will be – and always has been, at its core – a welcoming refuge for those seeking to be free.”

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