Leahy REAX To The Decision Of Guatemalan President Morales To Oppose The Renewal Of The International Commission Against Impunity

“There are two undeniable realities in Guatemala:  The people are fed up with the corruption, violence and impunity that plague that country, and those in power will do whatever they can to avoid justice.  That is why the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) was established 11 years ago, and that is why it is no less necessary today.   

“President Morales’ announcement, in the company of uniformed military officers, that he opposes the renewal of CICIG, just days after the Supreme Court referred to Congress a petition to lift his immunity for violating campaign financing laws, has put these two realities on a collision course.  It now falls to the Guatemalan people, the judiciary, and the Attorney General to ensure that this attempt to perpetuate impunity does not succeed. 

“It is critical that CICIG, under Commissioner Ivan Velasquez – a respected Colombian jurist who President Morales has threatened to expel – continues to carry out its mandate in cooperation with the Attorney General.

“The United States Congress will also reassess the eligibility of the Guatemalan Government, and of the military, for any further assistance under the Alliance for Prosperity.”

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