Comments Of Senator Patrick Leahy On The Supreme Court’s 5 To 4 Decision Upholding President Trump’s Travel Ban

“On his third attempt, President Trump regrettably was able to convince the thinnest majority of the Supreme Court to uphold his Muslim ban.  Whatever garb in which the President’s lawyers may have cloaked this ban, from its very inception this policy was rooted in animus toward Muslims.  And there is no pretense that this is somehow required to protect our national security.  Every senior national security official in the Trump administration I have asked made clear that citizenship alone is not a reliable indicator of a terrorist threat – depriving the ban of its entire pretext.

“In the end, the American people must speak out and come to the defense of our most basic values.  A country that has welcomed refugees fleeing religious persecution throughout our history simply must not impose religious litmus tests on those seeking safe haven on our shores.  If such policies are unacceptable to Americans’ fundamental values, they must make that known loud and clear.  The future of our nation’s character and ideals lies in their hands.”  

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