BREAKING: Comment Of Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) On President Trump's Reversal Of His Mandatory Family Separation Policy

Today the American people, through their forceful and justified outrage, proved that people, joining together, can drive positive change even during the Trump administration.  After weeks of false and conflicting justifications for requiring that children be torn from their parents at the border, the President backed down. 

But we must not be fooled.  We need to ensure that the 2,500 children already separated are promptly reunited with their families.  We must be clear that mass incarceration of families is not the answer — alternatives exist that have proven to be effective, less costly, and more humane.  And the Attorney General needs to restore discretion to our federal prosecutors along the border.  With limited resources, it makes absolutely no sense to delay civil immigration proceedings in order to criminally prosecute migrants with no criminal records, who pose no threat, and who are only seeking refuge from unimaginable violence and terror in their home countries.

The President may cynically assert that protecting our borders requires abhorrent treatment of immigrant children and their parents.  But that is as wrong as it is un-American.  The President owns this.

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