Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The Violence In Gaza

“The deadly violence in Gaza is the predictable result of multiple factors from both sides, and made worse by a White House that has destroyed hope of the U.S. acting as an honest broker for peace for the foreseeable future.

“The vast majority of inhabitants of Gaza are victims, abused by Hamas and confined by Israel, living in miserable conditions that breed resentment and hopelessness.   

 “There is little doubt that the leaders of Hamas have shamelessly encouraged the protesters, many of them youths, knowing – but not caring – that there would be casualties.

“Shooting protesters, many of whom were reportedly unarmed or throwing rocks which did not justify such a disproportionate response, is deplorable. It should be thoroughly investigated and anyone responsible, including those who gave the orders, held accountable.  

“The State Department should promptly determine if individuals or units involved in the shootings should be prohibited from receiving U.S. training or equipment, consistent with the Leahy Law.”

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