REAX Of Appropriations Vice Chair Senator Leahy (D-Vt.) To The Guatemalan Government's Termination Of The Mandate Of The International Commission Against Impunity In Guatemala (CICIG)

“Over the past year, President Morales repeatedly asserted his support for CICIG.   Yet throughout this period he has sought to cripple CICIG by expelling its commissioner and intimidating its employees.   He has done so despite rulings of the Constitutional Court upholding the independence and mandate of CICIG and its commissioner.   

“President Morales, and those who have participated in or supported this flagrant abuse of power, have made their choice.   It is a choice of self-interest over the public interest.   Of impunity over justice.   Of lies over truth.   And it squarely contradicts the will of the Guatemalan people. 

“The United States Congress will respond accordingly.   President Morales, and those in his government who defend such acts, are no longer welcome here.   Until he reverses course, or a new president is elected who has integrity and who puts the interests and welfare of the Guatemalan people first, assistance for the Guatemalan government will be suspended in accordance with U.S. law.”

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