Reaction Of Senator Patrick Leahy To The President’s Decision On The Paris Climate Accords

“America gave its word to nearly 200 countries.  America stays great when the world knows we'll keep our word.  It doesn’t make America great to break our word.  

“It would be a travesty to squander this moment of world unity, forged through U.S. leadership, and to undermine our early lead in building the new energy economy that promises millions of good jobs here at home.  We are at our best when we work toward a common goal, and nearly every nation on Earth has agreed to do exactly that.  The rest of the world will now move ahead toward a future of clean energy and related economic growth, with us taking a step back from leadership. 

“This great leap backward is another bow to anti-science know-nothingism.  Pandering to a handful of billionaires and special interests would impose huge harm upon our generation, upon future generations, and upon our fragile planet.  A habitable and healthy planet are not frivolous goals.  They are essential, and they require sound and smart stewardship.  We cannot change these facts by ignoring science and pretending not to see the clear evidence of climate change. 

“I will be fighting to ensure that this stroke of the president’s pen does not derail Vermonters’ hard work and leadership to protect our communities from climate risk, and that it does not deter the entrepreneurs and innovators in Vermont and other states who are expanding the world markets for the clean green energy and conservation technologies that will shape our future. Climate change is a monumental challenge that the world must face together.  As a nation we should be embracing the chance to lead the world with a clean energy economy that supports American manufacturing, American jobs and American values.”

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