2014 Workshop Descriptions


NOTE: You may only sign up for one AM session.

AM Session 1 (9:45-11AM)

Exploring Business Ownership
Presenter: Chris Herriman

This workshop takes a look at the basics of starting a business. Some of the topics covered: The ‘money questions,’ writing it down, getting advice, finding customers, financing options, and online resources.

Spotting & Seizing Leadership Opportunities
Presenter: Susan Palmer

We unlock our own potential by revising the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and what is possible. This workshop is designed to help you gently challenge your internal assumptions about your personal leadership capacity and learn new techniques for updating your assumptions about external possibilities at work. While genuine luck plays a part in everyone’s day-to-day life, you can also “make your own luck” when it comes to honing your self-awareness and matching it with opportunities for growth in your current organization (or elsewhere).

Cooking Up a Business
Presenter: Heidi Krantz (leading panel discussion)

Are you thinking about commercializing your favorite recipe? VtSBDC Business Advisor Heidi Krantz will be joined by Linda Fox of Sumptuous Syrups, Susan Alexander of Vermont Switchell, Janice Blair of Vermont Kale Chips and Allyson Spanier of Vermont Baby to share tips and tools for starting and growing your specialty food business.

Personal Financial Management
Presenter: Carmen Tall

Debt is normal.  Car payments are a way of life. You need a FICO score! Be prepared to have your financial world turned upside down and inside out as we debunk the myths we’ve all come to accept as truth. Caution:  This session may cause you to desire change.

Lean in for the Rest of Us
Presenters: Amy Shollenberger and Alice Kitchel

We all want to be our best and seize every moment of opportunity. This workshop will explore three key steps to getting yourself ready for those moments when they come. First, decide what you want. Next, figure out how you will get what you want, on your own. Finally, practice asking for help when you need it and accepting help when it comes. Sounds easy, but we know it’s not. Practical tips will be given, stories will be shared, and plans will be made.

Redefining Success: Five Core Components for Creating a Thriving Home-Based Business
Presenter: Cyndey Smith

Many ambitious women are redefining success to include the freedom, flexibility and income to live a healthy meaningful life of their own design. This workshop will cover 5 core components to creating a thriving home-based business and lifestyle. Come learn about the strategies, online tools and the foundation that will support you to create success as an entrepreneur.

AM Session 2 (9:45-11:45AM):

(Do not select a workshop if you have already chosen one from AM Session 1).

Real World Marketing
Presenter: Amy Mattinat

Learn the five best marketing techniques that will quickly grow your business, are easy to do and cost little or nothing to implement.

Tuned-In Family: How to Cope, Communicate and Connect in a Digital World
Presenter: Elaine Young

Digital technologies are all around us. As business professionals we are faced with adapting to technology change every day in the workplace and the same challenges are facing us at home, with our families. In this discussion-based workshop, the author of the book Tuned-In Family will talk about strategies that all families can follow as they grapple with the opportunities and challenges that ever evolving technologies bring to raising children. From setting ground-rules to exploring approaches for different ages, this workshop will be ideal for anyone who is part of a family in our digital age.

Longevity – Aging Well

Presenter: Marie Frohlich

What do we need to know now?  This will be an open discussion and opportunity to review life-style issues, goals and ways to build the foundation we need to live long while enjoying a quality of life.

Feeling Like a Guppy in a Sea of Sharks?

Presenters: Laurel Butler and Gwen Pokalo

Letterman stepping down? No problem. Laurel and Gwen will present the top 10 tools and strategies to empower you to harness your personal brand and pitch your ideas to anyone, not just for the self-employed.  Approach and close each new connection with confidence.  This workshop will feature lots of fun, humor and interaction! 

Selling Your Creativity

Presenter: Marianne Mullen

You know you are talented, full of great ideas, and you can achieve great results, yet it can feel frustrating and downright challenging when people don’t recognize and pay you for your creativity. In this interactive workshop, come learn tips and strategies to better sell yourself, push past procrastination, and monetize your creativity. Get inspired and ready to take action so you can be paid what you are worth!  Perfect for aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs.

Key Skills for Effective Work Conversations – Presenter: Cecile Green
No matter where we work, there are moments when our conversations turn stressful and our communications skills seem to fail us. Learn some practical tools for effective work conversations and have the opportunity to practice the skills that will turn conflict into productive solutions.

Check out Mindful Meditation during the lunch hour!


NOTE: Please choose one workshop from Session 1 AND Session 2, OR one two-hour workshop from Session 3.

PM Session 1 (1-2pm)

NEW THIS YEAR: Coaching Café:
Sign up for one-on-one sessions with one of our 15 trained coaches and learn how to turn your ideas into action. Each session will run 20-30 minutes. Choose from five areas of interest: Small Business; Life Balance; Career; Leadership; Wellness. Space will be limited so sign up early!


Cyber Security

Presenter: Jeremy Hansen

For individuals and small businesses, learn what you can do to protect personal and employee data. The conversation will include the topics of securing personal computers, mobile devices, and networks and will feature “Eight-and-a-Half Ways to Stay Secure.”

Facebook for Beginners

Presenter: Sara Munro

Facebook is 10 years old, but do you really know how it works? Are you afraid of oversharing or damaging your professional reputation by posting vacation photos or political views? Sara will show you how you can be yourself on this social network as well as how to build your professional presence and your business page from one Facebook account. We’ll explore page set-up; basics of posting; privacy and list settings; and elements of a business page. These tools will allow you to share personal posts with only your closest friends while still networking with business contacts.

Basic Coaching Techniques for Real Results

Presenter: Susan Palmer

Workplace cultures are influenced by the kinds of questions people ask. Effective coaches ask questions that are open, curious and assume the best of those being coached. As a result, those being coached gain empowering insight, confidence and motivation. Any leader can use coaching techniques as one strategy for avoiding unproductive patterns and promoting productive ones.

Pinterest: Let the Pictures Do the Talking

Presenter: Lisa Wood

Does using social media to market your business feel like drudgery? A little overwhelming, perhaps? Do you groan at the mere thought of writing posts, tweeting, liking and +1’ing?

Enter Pinterest. It’s one of today’s hottest social networks, and using it feels a little like thumbing through your favorite magazine. If you’re a visual person, you’re going to live it, and you’re not alone. Pinterest is the fastest growing social tool and is a fantastic way to connect with your customers. Join us and learn how to use this fun new tool to grow your business.

Getting Started with Twitter

Presenter: Elaine Young

Learn the basics of Twitter from crafting a strong bio, to navigating the interface, and constructing meaningful content. We'll debunk myths about followers, learn how to manage the settings and get you ready to start Tweeting like a pro! This workshop is for those who are getting ready to kick off a Twitter profile. Either you've never used Twitter before, or you have just started and are not sure what to do next.

PM Session 2 (2:15- 2:15pm)

NEW THIS YEAR: Coaching Café
Sign up for one-on-one sessions with one of our 15 trained coaches and learn how to turn your ideas into action. Each session will run 20-30 minutes. Choose from five areas of interest: Small Business; Life Balance; Career; Leadership; Wellness. Space will be limited so sign up early!

Identity Theft

Presenter: Jeremy Hansen
With data as a new currency in the online world, corporations operating legally as well as criminal enterprises have an incentive to collect and use our data. Participants will learn how their personal data is collected and exploited both legally and illegally, and what steps individuals can take to take control of their own information.

Intermediate Facebook

Presenter: Sara Munro
Facebook is the most used social network on the planet yet can be the most frustrating for businesses with its constantly changing features. This workshop is designed for business owners who already have a page on Facebook and want pro tips to increase their understanding and skills. You will learn how to optimize your posts to get the most reach with and without spending money. Adjust your strategies based on numbers not hunches, and use social media for your business.

Becoming Allies and Mentors

Presenter: Kathy A. Johnson
Growing out of last year’s Enough Said report by Vermont Works for Women is the recognition that detrimental peer aggression affects adult women. This workshop offers guidelines and tools for women to be better allies and mentors to the youth in their lives, as well as strategies for how to end relationally aggressive behavior that persists into adulthood.

Promote Your Business with Online Paid Advertising

Presenter: Nancy Shuttleworth

Online advertising can deliver your business promotional message on search engines and social media through a variety of paid ad channels: display, mobile, video, and text ads.  Determining where to maximize your advertising dollars depends on your product or service, target market, budget, and other resources. Learn more about online paid advertising with Google Adwords, YAHOO! Bing Network, Facebook, Twitter, other social media, and find out what is trending in the online advertising world.

Taking Twitter to the Next Level

Presenter: Elaine Young
Move beyond the basics of Twitter and learn how to curate and leverage favorites and lists. Participate in Tweetchats to promote your brand and build connections. Manage multiple accounts with third party software, and track clickthrough rates. We'll also cover basic Twitter analytics to measure success. This workshop is for those who have been using Twitter but want to take it further. Ideal for small businesses and individuals alike.

PM Session 3 (1-3pm)

Crafting a Social Media Plan for YOUR Business

Presenter: Barbara Dozetos
Marketing is not one-size-fits-all. Doing social marketing well means knowing what works for your business, not your neighbor’s or your best friend’s. Come to this workshop ready to get to know your business better. You’ll leave equipped to craft the right plan for your goals and your market.

Using Credit as a Tool

Presenter: Margaret Ferguson

See how having good credit offers a lifetime of financial savings. We will explore how much credit a person can afford, and compare various interest rates and terms that affect monthly payments. Learn how to read credit reports, and how to raise (or lower) your score. At the end of this workshop you will be able to create a credit building action plan, and leave with knowledge you can share with family and friends.

Wising Up and Winding Down: A Path to Work You Care About
Presenters: Mary Fillmore and Fran Stoddard

If you are ready to look deeply at what you care about most, this workshop is for you. We will reflect on key experiences (career or otherwise) that point the way to your future work, or to more fulfillment in your present situation. For women of all ages who want create meaningful work rather than rush through their days, we will focus on next steps you can take to explore work that matters to you.

Business Networking: How to Keep the Conversation Going

Presenter: Vickie Wacek

Relationships are the building blocks to developing our businesses. This workshop will give you the keys necessary to identify and grow these relationships throughout your life so that you and your business may flourish.  With your completion of this workshop, we know that the relationships you establish at this conference will be more likely to strengthen and be profitable.

Money Habitudes

Presenter: Deb Eibner

Identify your own money personality: How and why you spend, save, invest, go into debt, and give to charity? Learn more about your strengths and challenges. Understand the psychology of money within the context of relationships and marriage. Why do people who are financial opposites attract? Simple, practical advice about how to talk about the sensitive topic of money, tailored to talking with a client, student, financial advisor, spouse or child.

Strategies to Transform Peer Aggression in Girls

Presenter: Kelly Walsh

Vermont Works for Women’s 2013 Enough Said report confirmed that peer aggression in the lives of Vermont’s girls and young women undermines confidence, healthy risk-taking, and the development of leadership capacities. As mothers, grandmothers, employers, neighbors – are we aware of the existence of this dynamic and its detrimental impact on the girls and young women in our lives? Learn strategies and tools for identifying, addressing, and preventing this behavior among girls – and how to model the supportive behavior girls say they see too little of.