WEOC 2019 Workshop Descriptions

The Art of Successful Communication

Hannah Rose
Build and foster skills to communicate clearly by developing an understanding of your own and others communication styles and needs. Learn how to create an open environment for communication and nurture stronger relationships through powerful communication. This workshop will combine tools and techniques along with interactive exercises and dynamic discussion – all geared towards sharpening your skills.

Be Unstoppable: Discover what’s holding you back and how to overcome it
Lisa Wood
What stops most women from realizing their true potential? Fear mixed with self-doubt. Don’t let a lack of confidence or doubt stand in your way of making a change or diving into a new journey. With so many external factors out of your control, it is important to control the things you can. This session will teach you how to manage your inner critic so you can have the confidence to be true to yourself and make your next big move in life.

Be Your Own Boss
Laurel Butler and Gwen Pokalo
Are you ready to turn your good idea into a viable business? Wondering what the next steps and challenges are? This workshop will serve as a guide for the first-time business owner, showcasing the "Business Model Canvas" to evaluate your business idea, identify target markets, consider startup costs, and provide direction on next steps.

CANCELLED: Business Financing for Beginners
Sarah Kearns
Learn from a panel of businesswomen on how to successfully finance a new business venture. Women will share how they got their hands on their first $10,000 of financing.

Creating Family Friendly Workplaces to Support Young Families
Emily Blistein
High-quality child care is a crucial support that allows many parents the ability to stay at work, return to work, and be productive and happy while at work. As Vermont faces an aging demographic and declining workforce, innovations are necessary for our businesses and our communities to thrive. This workshop will explore family friendly benefits and practices – from low/no cost to higher investment – that will help individual businesses improve their ability to recruit and retain employees while improving the economic development landscape for Vermont.

The Cultivation of Inner Wealth
Melissa O’Brien
While striving for economic security is of high importance to women, so is finding an inner wealth. Both are keys aspects of building a life of purpose and satisfaction. This workshop will explore ways to create habits of spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being along the journey towards self-reliance and stability.

Elevating “Women’s Work”: Raising Regard for Traditionally Female Occupations
Sonja Raymond, Mari Cordes, and Amanda Perkins
Empowering women in the workforce includes both opening non-traditional fields to women and creating viable paths for all choices. This workshop will specifically cover efforts in the early care, education and nursing professions to garner greater respect for these occupations, as well as better conditions and compensation.

First Impression is Critical: Get the Most from LinkedIn and your Resume
Kate Paine and Etienne Morris
Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and ensure that your resume effectively represents you and your skills. Your resume is the first things an employer sees to learn about you and your expertise. They will arrive at your LinkedIn profile page to learn even more about you, especially to see your human side and how you showcase your industry expertise. This workshop will give you all the tips and tricks to make the most of LinkedIn.

Gig Life as Your Best Life: An Interactive Workshop for Freelancers
Gwen Pokalo
This workshop will help you to feel confident and enthusiastic about a multiple-income stream lifestyle. Topics will include: how to build the network you need, securing and managing clients, legal considerations, and operations tools.

Give Yourself Some Credit
Liz Scharf, AFC
Build and manage your credit so that it works for you as an asset, and not against you. This workshop will help you understand and interpret your report and score, and see why it matters as a crucial piece of healthy personal finances. Participants will have access to a free credit report and score review and 1:1 consultation via phone after the conference.

How to Be a Certified Woman-Owned Business
Brenda Plastridge, Chris Herriman, and Lori Valburn
Thousands of people want to support woman-owned companies.This workshop will show you the variety of certifications available, and ways to take advantage of being certified as woman-owned business.

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Business Success
Kate Paine
Think LinkedIn is just another social media platform where you keep receiving irrelevant notifications? Unsure that it can bring actual business and connections to you and your business? Learn how to use LinkedIn in a strategic way to build a robust presence and take your LinkedIn to the next level in this workshop.

Jumpstart Your Job Search
Susan Edwards
Let's broaden our thinking about female employment options and dispel some myths so you can achieve more – whether it's less stress, greater fulfillment, a more flexible schedule, or more money.Vermont Works for Women will facilitate discussions on how you can discover your employment priorities and easy steps you can take to find a job that fits.

Let’s Talk Gender: Changing the Story One Conversation at a Time
Jessica Nordhaus and Alyssa Johnson-Kurts
Take the first step in changing the story - start a conversation. This workshop will use Change The Story's Let’s Talk Gender cards as a toolkit to launch into conversations about gender norms and implicit biases that undergird the stories we have been told and tell ourselves, stories that we believe and stories we act on. You will leave with your own set of cards and be trained to host your own conversations.

Let’s Talk #Harassment: Creating Respectful Workplace Culture
Jessica Nordhaus and Alyssa Johnson-Kurts
Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to identify inappropriate or harassing behavior, to intervene when it happens ... and to not be the one that does it! Using Change The Story's Let's Talk Harassment conversation cards you will leave this workshop with your own deck, the skills to build a respectful workplace culture, and some ideas about what to do when you find yourself in one that isn’t.

Level Up: Take Charge of Your Career
Rachel Kauppila
If you're not quite satisfied in your career and want to make a change, this workshop will share tips for making a career pivot and identify jobs that will fit your needs.You will leave the workshop knowing exactly what you’re going to do to take that next step.

Practical Tools to Pay Down Debt and Boost Your Savings
Becca Schrader
Most of us are familiar with the ideas for managing our money better and this workshop will dig into specific money-management tools, such as cash envelopes, zero-dollar budgeting, debt snowballs and more. It will explore how real people can implement these tools and use them without making it a full time job.

The Sandwich Generation: Money (and Sanity) Management Tips for Parents and Adult Children
Becca Schrader
Right when we're supposed to be approaching our peak earning years and greatest career success, many women find themselves stretched thin with demands on their money and time. Learn about how to save and pay for rising college costs, long term care insurance, talking to your aging parents about money, and saving for yourself and retirement.

Saving for Retirement: Finding Financial Security in Later Years
Liz Scharf, AFC
Retirement can seem like an out-of-reach goal but that doesn't have to be the case. This workshop will discuss workplace retirement programs and options for self-employed people and small businesses in Vermont. We will also discuss the future of the Social Security program and explore strategies for improving cash flow in our older years.

A Star is Born! Personalize Your Brand Story
Catherine Palmer
Having a consistent and compelling brand story is critical for your business and for your personal and professional success. Sure, employers and customers need to know WHAT you can do, but they really want to know WHO you are. This workshop covers the many elements that represent your brand and focuses on how you can incorporate your unique story.

Strength-Based Supervision: How to Deepen Your Engagement with Your Team
Hannah Rose
Using strength-based tools and techniques and applying them to real-life challenges as supervisors this workshop will provide any supervisor with the skills to create a more effective approach to engaging with your team.

Stay True to Your Values and Avoid Burnout
Joanne Jastatt
Burnout is real and a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and reduced personal accomplishment due to adverse working conditions. Learn how to identify and cope with burnout, how to identify your values and keep in coherence with them in your career.Gain strategies for growing your emotional intelligence and tips to foster a culture of authenticity to avoid burnout in your team.

Wonderful, Hard Entrepreneurship:An #AskMeAnything Panel With Women Business Owners
Facilitated by Cristine Hammer of Hammer Consulting & Copywriting
Hear from a panel of accomplished women business owners on the pitfalls, anxieties, challenges, wonder, and delights of starting a business. Meet women business owners from your community and get an inside look by asking those questions that may seem "trivial” or “taboo."

Work-Life Alignment…Because Balance is BS
Lisa Danforth
Overcome the obstacles and issues inherent to women in business to create the impact and income you desire, with the work-life alignment you deserve. Learn how to better manage work and life activities, establish effective boundaries and be more present throughout the day so you can do more of what you enjoy and less of what you do not.