Local Non-Profits and Grassroots Efforts

Local Nonprofits, from senior centers to educational support organizations, have been hard at work as part of our state’s local relief efforts, and some are looking for help from their communities. Contact local nonprofits that you are familiar with to learn whether you can help with their efforts, while maintaining social distancing.

Hundreds of grassroots volunteer efforts have been started across the state and country through social media campaigns on Facebook, Front Porch Forum and more.   You can learn about these efforts through your choice of social media, or by keeping an eye on local media reports.  The Vermont spirit of community exemplified by Town Meeting Day, Green Up Day and the many other examples of volunteerism that Vermont is known for is alive and well during this crisis.

IMPORTANT: If you decide to join an online effort on behalf of a nonprofit or citizen led-effort, make absolutely sure you are not being scammed before donating any money or giving any personal information, particularly if you are not personally familiar with the people in charge of the effort. It may be helpful to review this website before signing on to any effort that you learn about online: