Federal Projects in Vermont

Each spring, after receiving a budget proposal from the President, Congress begins the process of crafting the annual federal budget. As a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Leahy has sought out funding for projects and programs that support Vermont's economy, infrastructure, and quality of life.

These funding requests reflect Senator Leahy's priorities of:

  • Creating and supporting quality, sustainable jobs in Vermont;
  • Developing and employing green technologies and renewable energy opportunities;
  • Deploying broadband and telecommunications upgrades to improve quality of life, commerce and Vermont jobs throughout the state;
  • Giving farmers new tools to modernize and adapt to a changing economy and creating opportunities for value-added producers;
  • Promoting sustainable and organic agriculture that benefits farmers while helping families in need;
  • Supporting multi-pronged approaches and partnerships to combat crime and drug abuse through prevention, enforcement, and treatment methods;
  • Increasing education opportunities for Vermonters through support of the State's colleges and universities;
  • Improving quality and access to health care in Vermont by supporting hospital and health services throughout the state;  
  • Protecting and conserving Vermont's environment, including Lake Champlain, the Green Mountain National Forest and the Connecticut River;
  • Supporting domestic readiness and national security, including preparedness by the Vermont National Guard;
  • Modernizing Vermont's roads, bridges, rails, airports, public transportation, and municipal services; and
  • Developing and preserving affordable housing.