Economic Recovery

As the most senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Leahy works to ensure that our economic recovery focuses on priorities important to Vermont, like expanding financing opportunities for those in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure; promoting small business investment in new employees, facilities and equipment; repairing our deteriorating roads and bridges; providing nutrition assistance to struggling families; improving high-speed Internet access to rural areas; and helping states address budget deficits that are forcing them to cut essential services.

While we are now seeing some positive signs of recovery, it is easy to forget just how perilous our economic outlook seemed not so long ago when some economists predicted that the United States could slip into a severe downturn rivaled only by the Great Depression.  However, partly as a result of the economic rescue and economic recovery bills passed by Congress, our situation looks much better today.  In fact, there are dozens of important economic development projects throughout Vermont that would not be possible without a critical infusion of federal resources.