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  • Issues


    Find information on the issues important to Senator Leahy and Vermont. You will learn about Senator Leahy’s past and current efforts on issues ranging from Agriculture to Veterans.

  • Record Summary

    Record Summary

    The Congressional Record Summary is a concise aggregation of all legislative activity in the Senate for the previous day, with particular emphasis on the activity of the Vermont delegation. This includes measures considered, measures passed, and nominations confirmed, as well as floor statements, bill and resolution introductions, and measures co-sponsored by Senators Leahy and Sanders and Congressman Welch. Activity related to the Judiciary Committee, of which Senator Leahy is Chairman, is also included. Read More » 

  • Legislation


    View legislation that Senator Leahy has introduced or cosponsored this Congress. You can search by key word or by bill number. Read More »

  • Federal Projects

    Federal Projects

    As the branch of Government responsible for appropriating money, each year Congress must pass the annual federal budget. As part of that process, Members of Congress submit funding requests for projects that support their state’s or district’s economy, infrastructure, and quality of life. You will find a list of Senator Leahy’s requests here. Read More »

  • Voting Record

    Voting Record

    Browse Senator Leahy’s voting record searching by recent votes or on issues important to you. Read More »